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Last Tuesday 3rd of February at 19h, 27 English students from St. Bartholomew's school (Newbury) came to Salou to participate in an exchange with 27 students of our school. During the exchange, which lasted one week, the English students could visit several Catalan cities and they also did different types of activities.

On Wednesday 4th, they were all welcomed in our school. During the morning, the group of English students together with the teacher Núria Geribàs went to Tarragona to do their first visit. In the afternoon, they came back to the school and they did an art workshop organised by the design teacher Neus Baldris. On Thursday 5th, the English students stayed in the school and during the morning they visited our students in some of their classes. These visits were very useful because our students could practice their English oral skills with them.

During the long weekend, the Elisabeth students and their families could spend more time with their English correspondents except on Saturday when the group of students from St. Barts, accompanied by the teacher Michael Harnnetty, spent the day in Lleida. On Sunday night, both English and Spanish students met in a pizzeria in Salou in order to have dinner all together. Finally, on Monday 9th all the students together with the teacher Àngela Masià travelled to Barcelona, which was the last trip of this year's exchange.

The English students and their teachers left Salou on Tuesday 10th at 8:30h. Our students will visit St Bartholomew's school and Newbury next June, from Tuesday 23rd until Tuesday 30th. These exchanges are real opportunities for our students to open up to the world, discover and live another way of life.

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