Summer Camp in Cambridge

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A group of ESO students enjoyed our summer camp in Cambridge this summer. They left on the 8th July and came back 2 weeks later at Reus Airport.

They attended English classes in the mornings in Select English. In the afternoon and in the evening they enjoyed the different social activities and school trips organized by the same school. On Saturday they visited London and went on an organized tour. They also did some shopping.

They lived in the different students’ Halls of Residences that the organization owns, sharing rooms, common room and dining room with other teenagers from different nationalities.

It’s been a fantastic experience in different aspects- not only have they improved their English level, but they’ve also grown up personally, learning to open up to other cultures, people, races, religions and ways of living. It’s been a pleasure to see them learn and enjoy it at the same time.

Mónica Espinilla




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